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Certified Nursing Assistant To help you start your career in the medical field

Our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program will prepare you to be skilled health care experts through standard instructing and customer focused clinical practice to address the issues of the local area and the medical care industry. You also gain the opportunity  to be prepared for direct employment In Hospital Setting, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Leaving Facilities, Long-Term Care Facilities, Home Health Care System or anywhere basic bedside and personal care is needed.

What is a CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a trained person who assists patients and/or residents with their fundamental medical services needs and exercises of daily living regularly under supervision of a Nurse supervisor. CNA positions fill in as an expert venturing stone prior to putting resources into a long degree. After all, you need to guarantee the medical care field is the correct career for you. 

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Why Choose us?

Because everyone’s career  is important to us, it is our main goal to prepare any individuals who come to us to succeed. We offer our class in English and Spanish. Also, we are the bridge for people who speak other languages such as French and Haitian Creole. Each class is instructed in a casual social scene. We assess every new student before we start a in class session to know exactly how to start with them for a better performance. An assortment of levels are accessible every session. Please register for your ideal CNA class ahead of time.

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Be in this circle

It is the best choice when you start from the beginning. Our Certified Nursing Assistant program can help you open the door of the medical field system. This system works like a circle in which your part is being a Certified Nursing Assistant to support patients and nurses. Get ready to be part of it.  

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I have been in the teaching industry  since 2010. And my experience had helped about 98% of my students passing rate on the board Exam! 


We respect your time. That’s why we offer different set of schedule, in class or online, to help you succeed in your career path way.


At the end of our program, specially after our final exam, you will receive a certificate of completion and you will be ready for the board exam


Trusted by Hundred of Students in Boston, MA

794 Ratings
I took the class with miss Djenny Pierre. She was fun and amazing. She as a way to teach that help me remember every clinical skills that I was doing in the board exam
Emma Hart
Wonderful place to take a CNA class! Djenny was AMAZING! She was very professional and patient me! I highly recommend to anyone! Can’t wait to take the CPR class with them!
I speak more creole then English, Miss Djenny set up some one to one sessions with me to help me understand the class. Guess what? I did pass my exam first take.
I spent 8 weeks with people from different background. Trust me, it was a pleasure to be part of this class. I learn more than I was expected.